Honoring Our Veterans

January 18, 2023

NOVEMBER 11, 2022

As part of our American Classical Education, Ascent Classical™ students honor the intellectual and moral inheritance from the western tradition, pointing to the timeless truths and principles espoused by our forefathers. They study our founding documents and learn how the courage of our founding fathers and military created the free and flourishing republic we enjoy today.

We recognize the personal freedom and safety we enjoy every day is due to the bravery and sacrifice of our national heroes. Today, we honor the men and women to stand for our country, including those who now teach and lead our students.

Mrs. Mitzi Chansilp, Army
Douglas County, Executive Assistant
Read more about Mrs. Chansilp’s work in the Army.

Mr. Jacob Clay, Coast Guard
Douglas County, Dean of Operations

Mrs. Laura Suchy, National Guard
Northern Colorado, Upper School Art Teacher

Mr. Robert Wagner, Air Force
Douglas County, Headmaster

The men and women above serve our students in Lone Tree and Windsor. We also recognize our veterans who lead the Ascent Classical network of schools in the home office and through our governing board:

Mr. Steve Peck, Navy
ACACS Governing Board, Director

Mr. Derec Shuler, Army
Ascent Classical Academies, Executive Director

Mr. Rob Williams, Army
ACACS Governing Board, Chair

Thank you each for your service to our country and your commitment to the mission and vision of our organization!